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Would you like to get rid of weeds without hours of back breaking weeding? With the HOAF Hand Held Burners, you can control weed in a fast and comfortable way.

The HOAF Hand Held Burners are especially appropriate for burning weed around the house and as a professional tool for burning weed on small surfaces like:

  • paths
  • terraces
  • entrance drives
  • picnic places

Thanks to the low burner cover it is possible to easily burn under benches. The HOAF Hand Held Burners are balanced very well, which results in simple operation. The electronic ignition of the burner takes place by means of a battery ignition device. The gas consumption can be adjusted using the gas handle, which results in gas efficient operation.

When burning weed with a HOAF Hand Held Burner, the weed is subjected to a combination of infrared radiation and heated air. By exposing the unwanted vegetation to this, the proteins congeal and the moisture cells burst open. As a result the vegetation starts wilting. 

The HOAF Hand Held Burner series consists of the following products:

hoaf-thermhit-15 hoaf-thermhit-25 hoaf-thermhit-45 hoaf-thermhit-75 hoaf-infrahit-11

thermHIT® 15

thermHIT® 25

thermHIT® 45

thermHIT® 75

infraHIT® 11